Saturday, August 17, 2013

Accenture HSFP Training: (Day 1)

Accenture HSFP Training: (Day 1)
 by Nivedita Kolkar

The Accenture HSFP training started off with a brief introduction of the 3 weeks plan they tend to follow for the Campus to Corporate transition. The course consists of 3 modules.

The day 1, of the 1st module was very helpful. They focus not only on the teaching aspects but also helping students understand and develop leadership skills, communication and teamwork. It began with an activity to introduce each student to the class and to the group he/she was placed in. Later, the morning session was followed by a brief review of the basic concepts of Computer Architecture.

 The next topic introduced to us was based on the basics of Computer Networking where in the trainer taught a few new points to keep in mind. Later on the afternoon session was energized with a game, to teach the importance of working as a team, being a leader and even working under pressure when several distractions occur around. This game ended with a lot of spirit and it brought into account the scenario faced and ways to handle real stress and pressure when in a Corporate Environment. Finally the last technical session was a brief overview of Algorithms. 
Altogether day 1, was a very interesting start for this training, and we really hope to learn a lot the following few weeks.

We will be publishing student reports on HSFP training  progress every day. Interested student may send daily summaries to   

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