Monday, August 24, 2015

Alumnus Contributes to Campus Hiring

Alumnus Contributes to Campus Hiring

One of our alumni has completed training is joining TCS pune this week. She has shared her selection experience for the benefit of juniors.
Thanking her and wishing her a great career
Hello sir,
I am an alumnus from 2011-15 batch.Currently I'm working in TCS.I would like to share my experience of TCS interview and some tips for juniors.I would like to thank you sir for providing us this opportunity.
Some tips for juniors...
1. Prepare well for aptitude.Once you clear aptitude then there will be an email writing.
2. Use all the words given in hint.Don't miss even one word.Because that mail will be corrected by system.If you miss even one word it will reject whole mail.
3. For direct entry also email writing will be there.
4.Third round will be technical round.They will ask some questions on basic concepts and basic programs to write like fibonacci series,factorial etc.They will ask about mini project as well as major project also.
5.They asked me questions on java,jsp,google app engine,mini project and one puzzle.
6. Fourth round will be managerial.It depends on interviwer.Interviewer asked me about my hobbies and mini project.That's it.
7. Last round will be HR round.Its just for formality.But don't ignore it.They will ask whether you are ready to go outside of karnataka and whether you are ready to work in ajy shift .(If you are not ready also tell them you are ready)
8. If you tell you are not ready then they might reject you.
9. Before going to interview check about the history of TCS,founder,ceo and all.Definitely they will ask.
All the best juniors....
Thanks and regards,

Sunday, June 7, 2015

# 4- Placement Training Completed

Preparing for Tomorrow

The Placement organized an extensive training for the students of II, IV and VI semester students

II semester students attended a 3 days Soft skills training and IV and VI semester students attended a six day APTITUDE training during 2-7th June, 2015

With this all VI Semester students who have benefited from training are ready for upcoming placement year 2015-16. Enjoy Holidays and keep preparing and we start  next season very soon   

# 3- KPIT Campus Placement Update

Campus Placement Update
KPIT Technologies selected another 4 students from our college in yesterday's campus hiring. With this, the total number of KPIT select rises to 60 and grand total during this year to 316.
Congratulating all

Saturday, June 6, 2015

# 2- KPIT Campus Hiring

KPIT is our second largest campus recruiter. Today a team from KPIT visited our college and conducted the following

  • Reassessment of students who were selected earlier
  • Campus Hiring for non-selected students

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